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Design Alchemists.

“Alquemy” is derived from the Old French word Alquemie, the philosophical tradition aiming to purify, mature and perfect objects. Most commonly, the aim was to achieve transmutation of base metals such as lead, into noble metals such as gold.

Our philosophy is to elevate the value of each product we design. Through functional intelligence, meaningful materiality, environmental sensibilities and aesthetic refinement, we aim to design iconic solutions for our clients and partners, resulting in stronger brands and positive customer engagement.

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Our Heritage.

Our “AU” logo is a reference to the chemical element of Gold. It’s equally a reference to our heritage.

Our founders are both proud Australian designers, with a shared passion and philosophy toward high-end design, as well as the journey required to create iconic and tangible products and experiences.

In a small and highly competitive industry, The Australian design culture is one that harbors uniquely holistic design do-ers and thinkers. As an Australian industrial designer, you must build a depth of knowledge, and breadth of process to successfully navigate a product from conception to a tangible outcome.

Responsibilities within each project include all aspects of the design and development process. From customer research, concept development, CAD detailing and production management, the same designer is an integral part of the entire process.

We believe the foundation to Alquemy’s success is the unique approach adopted by Australian designers. This foundation has resulted in a unique and highly specialized skillset, ensuring that every product is executed to an extremely high level and that the design intent is maintained throughout the entire process.

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Our Founders.


David Knott.

In the seventeen years since he graduated with honours in Industrial Design, David Knott has adopted a strategic approach to his career development building upon a wide scope of experiences, ranging from graduate study in Italy to exhibitions of his work in several countries and engagement with a number of internationally renowned design companies.

With a strong emphasis on detail resolution, his signature clean and refined design style is evident in a growing range of international award winning design pieces. David draws his inspiration from design history and material experimentation with a passion for the fusion of the beautiful and the technical.


Phil Rose.

Phil Rose is an award winning industrial designer with fifteen years of industry experience.

His design philosophy is to develop legitimate consumer, people and product insights, based on immersive research, then leverage this information to develop relevant yet unique, and distinctive design solutions. He will then immerse himself in the entire development process, to ensure the design intent is maintained.

Phil is unique in the field on industrial design, as he has exceptional front-end design skills, i.e. insights development, concept ideation and aesthetic development coupled with a very strong understanding of mechanical engineering, production & manufacturing processes, materials, and immense experience working closely with global manufactures.