Creative strategic design consultancy



Why Alquemy?

Creating icons is at the heart of Alquemy’s philosophy. 

Our proven design methodology engages our clients and helps them achieve a refined level of understanding and perspective of their requirements.

Our methodology is underpinned by 3 core principles:

1.      Our creative strategy framework

2.      We begin with the end in mind

3.      Our strategy contemplated is our strategy realized


Creative Strategy Framework.

Alquemy has developed a creative strategy framework designed to closely align business objectives with the product value proposition. We have identified 3 convergent elements that inform each side of our strategic plan.

Like the left and right hemispheres of the brain, our creative strategy framework seeks to balance the goals and objectives of both sides, resulting in a tangible solution that delivers value to the customer and the client alike.


Creative Strategy Framework.


Begin with the end in mind.

Although our design development process is a linear progression of staged phases, at Alquemy, we always begin with the end in mind. Our reputation is built, in part, on our ability to identify early in the development cycle any potential issues that may arise as well as options for addressing them.

Our deep expertise in mass volume manufacturing techniques and materials allows Alquemy to frame a product development roadmap that is realistic, achievable and less likely to result in unforeseen complications. 

It assures the client of a process and an outcome which:

  • is consistent with business objectives and product requirements
  • carries less risk of any variation and less chance of major change
  • provides for regular checks against identified performance metrics
  • involves timely engagement with the client
  • meets milestones, schedule and budget targets
  • enhances the possibility of producing an “iconic product”

Layered Design Process.


Strategy contemplated = strategy realized.

In addition to a sound strategic plan that anticipates all aspects of the development cycle, of equal importance is a consistency of design team to maintain the design intent throughout. A key feature of Alquemy’s expertise is the end-to-end management of the entire product development lifecycle.

In our experience, the most iconic and successful designs are achieved when the same design studio is engaged to plan the strategy, design the concept, engineer the product, and supervise the tooling and pre-production stages.

For Alquemy, “strategy IS execution”

Alquemy Business Model V4.png

Hybrid Business Model.


Our hybrid business model.

To promote collaboration, Alquemy has structured a hybrid business model designed to accommodate a diverse cross-section of clients and partners.

Our consultancy model is for clients seeking an external design partner to act like an internal design resource.  

Our royalty model is designed for project based clients wishing to design and develop innovative and iconic product ranges.

Our equity model allows us to partner with clients in the discovery of disruptive ideas based on equity or profit sharing business models.

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